Adventure to BMC Blue Lake

Bluelake BMC

The recent hype on BMC Blue Lake on the internet has led #TeamMontanic to visit this amazing blue lake in Cheras 9 miles. To get started, we researched this before even exploring it. There are numerous comments/videos about BMC (BlueLake Mahkota Cheras). Many comments are saying that the blue lake is prohibited, but people are ignoring it.

We got our self prepared by using the right gears to prevent unnecessary injuries and to complete the adventure smoothly.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Have a look at these beautiful photographs taken!

Bluelake BMCBluelake BMC

`Bluelake BMCBluelake BMC

Bluelake BMCBluelake BMC

Bluelake BMC
BioLite Light-weight headlamp allows you to walk comfortably and red light attract lesser insects compare to white light.


BMC Blue Lake has been officially closed down since May 2019. Authorities will not allow any people to enter due to safety reason. Strict actions will be taken whoever enter the area.