Do I Need Trekking Poles For Hiking?

Prepare yourself before hiking is really important before beginning your adventure. On the other hand, getting the right tools that will give you a boost to summit is also an extra point on your trek. So now, I’m going to introduce you a useful tool that will provide you more stability while hiking — trekking poles. These are incredibly versatile tools that can help you with all sorts of small tasks along the trail. However, some of the hikers, especially the beginners did not know the benefits of it.



Trekking poles is great for balancing weight and durability, especially when you are hiking with your heavy backpack on, having trekking poles helps keep you stable. You may need to adjust your trekking poles based on the situation. For instance, when you’re going downhill, you may adjust your trekking poles to become longer, it’s great for setting a rhythm when covering long distances and significantly reduce load and impact on hips, knees, and ankles to provide a good anchor point to balance when going downhil; the moment when you hike on uphill, you need to adjust it to become shorter until your elbow present a 90 degree angle. However, find a comfortable posture of yourself is the main consideration.


Testing unstable terrain

Hiking is more likely depends on the weather condition. If the weather is good, most probably the trail will be cleaner and not slippery, otherwise, it will be uneven terrain in those raining or humid days or winter conditions. In this situation, sticking a trekking pole out allows you to stop those slips from turning into face plants, and saves your dignity in the process. Besides, we have all found a part of the trek where there are tons of sketchy rocks that you don’t know if they will hold your weight, or sections where you have to check if that bit of dead leaves isn’t covering a hole. Putting your pole on it and moving over technical terrain is a great way to test a step before trusting it with your full body weight.


Give you a boost on uphill

Normally, it will be harder when you are hiking lots of uphill trek since both of your legs can be stressful. It would be great to have a pair of trekking poles to give you a boost on your trek which can supports you at every step. Distributing the workload between your legs and arms will allow you to stay fresher for longer, making the uphill treks easier and more enjoyable.


River crossings

Sometimes, you need to cross the river to continue your way to the destination. Therefore, trekking poles can be very helpful for you to cross the river. You can test the depth of the river or stream by using the trekking poles. Even shallow, seemingly slow-moving water can make river crossing very difficult and treacherous, hence, trekking poles can support you and prevent you from fallen in or gotten soaked.


Whacking those obstacles out of the way

There are always some of the obstacles like blocking bushes, branches or annoying spider webs that make your adventure a little thrilling and you can’t use your hand to remove it. In this way, trekking poles will be your good partner on the trek which it can helps you to whack it and avoid by touching it since some of the plants may be poisoned or animals like snakes.


Use it as a multi-purpose tool, prepared for a survival emergency

Trekking poles is still useful even when you already hiked up to your destination, having strong, lightweight poles can help with all sorts of camp tasks like hanging things to dry, keeping your bag off the ground or pitching a tarp. Even if you aren’t planning to spend the night out, poles can come in handy if you find yourself needing to set up an emergency shelter.


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