Campingmoon Foldable Barbecue Grill Large

Campingmoon Foldable Barbecue Grill Large

DFB123 MT-045



This grill is designed for open fire cooking. The burning material can be solid fuel such as charcoal, firewood, leaves, etc. This grill can be used for boiling water, cooking, making soup, making coffee, grilling, and even heating, it is ideal for camping, hiking, barbecue, picnic, party and other outdoor activities.

  • Features: High temperature fire resistance design, suitable for a wide range of people, rich in function, small storage, 304 materials, food contact more sanitary, bridge can be adjusted height, equipped with ash tray, outdoor use more environmentally friendly.
  • Material: Stainless steel and Iron
  • Composition: Stainless steel grill, furnace body, cast iron carbon bed, ash receiving tray and portable storage bag

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