KUHL Radikl - Carbon

KUHL Radikl - Carbon

DFB123 KUHL5109-30/32-CAR





The KUHL RADIKL PANT features a cutting-edge and patent-protected combination of an exoskeleton woven cloth frame with flexible, alternate knit panels. The result is a revolutionary pant that delivers maximum technical performance and ultimate comfort.


The woven frame creates structure to give the RADIKL PANT the appearance, strength and performance of a traditional hiking pant. While the world sees structure and durability, you will feel the soft, flexible, and comfortable knit fabric panels.

Located at key points of contact and flexion - crotch, yoke, front pockets, and side panel from waistband to just below the knee - the knit panels create the feel and movement of a sweat pant.

The RADIKL PANT has six total pockets, including knee pockets. The left stealth knee pocket is smaller for a closer fit for your smartphone.


Main Body Woven Fabric: ENDURO 68% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 3% Spandex l 5.2 oz/sq. yd; 176 GSM

Knit Panel Fabric: 88% Nylon, 12% spandex l 8.7oz/sq. yd; 295 GSM

Inseam: 30 L


KUHL was awarded Utility Patent for RADIKL Hybrid technology

Articulated knees for the legendary KÌÏHL ergonomic fit

Knit fabric panels used in the side panel from waistband to just below the knee, gusseted crotch, yoke, and front pockets.

Sweat pant comfort with the technical performance and style of a woven garment.

Follows the natural rise of the hips

With the stretch knit back yoke panel only found on the RADIKL

Stealth pocket

3D Cell phone pocket

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