Hike N’ Fun #1 – Sungai Pisang Waterfalls

Few days ago, the Montanic Outdoor Team went on a company’s outing day at Sungai Pisang Falls. Located deep within Gombak. Sungai Pisang Falls, directly translated to Banana River Falls, is a beautiful 20-meter drop that is being tucked away at the end of this river trail.

Fun Fact:

Highlights Waterfalls and two tunnels under Karak Highway
Distance of the trail About 2-3km from parking lot
Location Google Map Link

I still remembered how we were actually having a meeting about upcoming marketing plans when suddenly we ventured into topics of organizing a company activity and this is where one of my colleagues suggested why not we go to Sungai Pisang Falls. And without any surprise, all of us agreed to do so.

And so, on Thaipusam Day’s morning, we went on this short little adventure. Waze will bring you to Jalan Gombak whereby you will follow this stretch of the road for about 9km-10km until you make a left into this place.

You can park your car right in front of the lodge and a RM5 “parking fee” is required by the locals over there.

Turn into this small road here from Jalan Gombak

 Just walk along the road you will end up at several trails to go down to the river, simply cross the river to the end of the other side you will start trekking up a short and dry path with prickly grasses tickling our legs.

Start of our journey
Walking along the river banks

In here, you are given two choices, first one is that you can take the more adventurous route by traversing along the river until you see the tunnels and you can climb up from there. The second one is the easier and safer route by walking alongside the wall of the Karak Highway and you will reach the tunnels in no time. We took the latter path.

Here we are at the first highlight of this adventure
The two huge tunnels under Karak Highway
Reminds me of It the movie

We enjoyed taking couple of photos inside and outside of this tunnel. While walking into the tunnel, I just can’t miss out the chance of taking photo with this big frog chilling on the ledge.

A welcoming guest

Coming out from the tunnel at the other end is truly something spectacular. The entire tone of the area switched from a noisy river falls into a calm and peaceful creek with shallow and clear water.

The journey starts here

There paths to actually walk on the left and right side of the creek. You can choose to walk in the water or walk on dry lands. Just keep on following the path and you will reach the marvellous waterfall

The magnificent waterfall of Sungai Pisang

In here, you can choose to take a swim in the cold water, hide behind the waterfalls or just simply sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of the nature’s calling.

Experimenting with the BioLite CampStove 2

By utilizing the BioLite CampStove 2 that we’ve brought, we’ve successfully boiled hot natural waterfalls water and made turned them into two cups of coffees. It was such beautiful scenery while enjoying a cup of coffee there was freshly made.

Finally, we packed our bags (not forgetting to clean up the area as well) and left the waterfalls by following another trail by hiking up a slope from the base of the falls to the top. And there is actually a picnic and camping area on top of here that you can overlook the entire waterfalls in action.

The picnic area that overlooks the waterfalls

We left the waterfalls by following another route that will lead us back out to Karak Highway where we will literally walk on the path right beside the bustling highway. There is actually staircase hidden right beside a signboard and when you go down the staircase you will be back at the tunnels once again.

A mandatory group photo before leaving

In conclusion, this was a very fun hike as it was generally very easy while it’s amazing how you can have a short jungle experience as well as swim in ice-cold and clear river waters in Klang Valley itself.

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Difficulty : Very Easy (For a newbie hiker like me, I didn’t feel tired nor signs of exhausting throughout the hike)

Duration : 3-4 hours return (Including the time you spend chilling at the waterfalls)

Cleanliness : 5/10 (Given consideration that the water is crystal clear, there are still loads of rubbishes and trashes left behind by others)

Remark : Rainy season may cause the river current to become stronger

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