"Picnic iftars can be a fun and unique way to break your fast, while enjoying the weather and nature."

The holy month of Ramadhan is here again and it is always exciting to see Muslims all around the world preparing for their daily iftar meals. And as for someone who enjoys the great outdoors, you might be putting a hold on your weekly camping trips this fasting month. But hey, nobody said that you have to stay indoors for the entire month.

So, outdoor enthusiast peeps, let’s go out and have a picnic iftar instead! It can be a fun and unique way to break your fast, while enjoying the weather and nature. And we’re not talking about a regular picnic iftar if just picnic blanket.

No, we’re talking about a whole new level of a picnic iftar. To up your picnic iftar game, there's a few essential items that you'll need to bring. 

Here are 10 essential items you'll need for an upgraded picnic iftar:

#1 A Foldable & Portable Table

No one said a picnic has to be done with only a mat. Up your game and get a table instead. A small, low, and foldable table like the KZM Iron Mesh Picnic Table would do. Oh look, it even has “picnic” in its name! :p 

#2 A Lightweight & Compact Chair

Sitting crossed legs on the ground can hurt your back. And you don’t want that to mess with your moment with the food, right? So, let’s get a chair so you can be seated comfortably and can enjoy every moment, every taste of that iftar food. Yumz! Something like theDOD Sugoissu Chair is gonna hit the right spot 👌 

#3 A Small Cooler Box

Just to keep your drinks cold while waiting for the azan. Nothing screams “blergh” more than watered down, warm drinks. Don’t let that potong stim, bring along a small cooler box with you on your picnic. Something like the DOD Soft Kurara Cooler Box would suffice. :p 

#4A Stanley Water Bottle

Another option to keep your drinks cold if you don’t fancy carrying around a cooler box is the Stanley Water Bottle. But, with a Stanley, your iced drinks can stay iced up until tomorrow. So, which one is better? The Adventure Quencher? Or theIceFlow Fip Straw? Or both? >.<

#5 A Cutlery Set

Some might opt to eat with their hands, and then some might want to use the fork and spoon. And some food might actually require you to use some cutlery. Nevertheless, cutlery sets are essential to a picnic iftar. So, what do you think about the Barebones Flatware

#6 A Disposable Soap Tablet

And for those who prefers to eat with their hands, this one is a must-have, always-have, forever-have in your pockets. Always carry around of these Travel Disposable Soap Tablets so you can keep your hands clean and free from that “ayam penyet” smell. 😝 

#7 A Lantern

Well, you can’t be eating in the dark now, can you? Better to keep a lantern on standby in case the area you chose gets a little bit too dark for a comfortable iftar. I think this Cargo Container Dual Light Mini is gonna be perfect for the occasion, no? 

#8 A Basket

None other than to carry all your food. Prevent those pretty little fingers from getting hurt and grab yourself a Post General Heavy Duty Basket. Not only it can carry all your food, it can carry all your essential items too! Nifty, right? 

#9 Food & Drinks

Well, yes, of course. What is a picnic iftar without all the food & drinks, right? 

#10 Other Things You Might Consider

- Sunscreen and bug spray to keep yourself protected from harmful sunrays and pesky insects.

- Prayer rug to make it easy for you to pray.

- Water to keep yourself hydrated and use for any minor cleaning and rinsing.

Now, with all these essentials in hand, you’re ready to enjoy a delicious and memorable picnic iftar with your loved ones. Remember to stay safe, hydrated, and enjoy the company of those around you. 

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ai Kay

6 April 2023