KeySmart Key Dangler XL

KeySmart Key Dangler XL

DFB123 KS806-BD


Stainless Steel



  • Brand: Keysmart

  • Dangler XL allows you to tuck your keys inside your pocket for anti-theft

  • Keeps your keys stabilized and secure

  • Provides instant access to your keys

  • Attach to any key ring

  • Clip to your belt loop or anything you desire

  • Slim and compact

  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Color: Midnight diamond and Stainless Steel

  • Product size: 5.1cm x 2.3cm x 0.8cm (Length x Width x Height)

  • Product weight: 20g
    * Midnight Diamond version has a special coating which is scratch-resistant.


The Keysmart Key Dangler XL allows you to attach your keys quickly to any belt loop. This larger sized Keysmart Key Dangler allows you to hold your keys in your pocket while staying secured to your belt. The Keysmart Key Dangler XL perfectly balances your keys and accessories in a discreet way that is stylish and sleek.

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