Keysmart Accessory

KeySmart Nano Wrench

DFB123 KS802-SS



  • Brand: Keysmart

  • Fix issues now no need for a toolbox when you notice a loose screw or bolt, tighten on the spot

  • Smaller than a pack of gum: put the Nano Wrench on your EDC key chain and take it wherever you go

  • Mini multi-tool: 5 wrench sockets plus a flathead screwdriver, all in 1 small tool

  • Functioning screwdriver

  • Fits on keychain

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Color: Silver

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Wrench sizes: #8, #10, 1/4", M4, M5, M6

  • Product size: 0.13in x 2in x 3.5in

  • Weight: 18.14g


The Nano Wrench puts an entire set of wrenches and a screwdriver in your pocket. Smaller than a pack of gum, now you can carry a tiny set of functioning tools on your keychain or inside your KeySmart!

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