[Limited Edition] Biolite CampStove 2 Bundle Climate Neutral

[Limited Edition] Biolite CampStove 2 Bundle Climate Neutral

DFB123 CSX2006



  • Brand: Biolite

  • Thin, durable stainless steel pot is lightweight and it won't scratch when you're using metal utensils

  • Heat shield on the bottom protects the stove's flames from wind and concentrates them for fast cooking times

  • BPA-free kettle lid can be used as a cover when you're cooking or you can snap it on tight to pour liquids easily

  • CampStove : 33 oz (935 g)

  • KettlePot : 16 oz (465 g)

  • Grill : 30 oz (850 g )

  • CampStove : Height 8.25 inches (209.6 mm) Width 5 inches (127 mm)

  • KettlePot : 10.20 x 5.20" (25.91 x 13.21 cm

  • Grill : 9.5 x 12 x 3.5 in (24.13 x 30.48 x 26.67 cm)


Cook your meals, charge your gear, and help the planet. The CampStove 2 Bundle Climate Neutral Edition features everything you love about the original system with an added bonus: 10% of every sale goes to Certified Climate Neutral, a non-profit helping businesses transition to a zero carbon future.

• Smart LED dashboard lets you control 4 fan speeds and get real-time feedback on fire strength and battery level
• Integrated 2,600 mAh battery stores a full phone charge
• Burn wood like you would gas—any dry biomass including sticks, pinecones and BioLite BioFuel pellets (not included) keep the fire going
• BioLite flagship smokeless combustion creates 95% less smoke emissions compared to a regular wood fire
• Use the portable grill to turn your CampStove into a wood-burning grill that you can cook your favorite foods on
• Compact, portable grill design features folding legs and a durable plastic travel cover so you can take it anywhere
• Stainless-steel KettlePot lets you make all your camp meals with a single piece of cookware, and it doubles as a carrying case to protect your CampStove 2

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