Outdoor Tech Calamari Uno - Lightning to USB Cable

Outdoor Tech Calamari Uno - Lightning to USB Cable

DFB123 OT3155-BCH


Mossy Oak
Rose Gold



The Calamari Uno is the latest USB to Apple MFi certified Lightning cable from Outdoor Tech. We placed an Apple MFi certified Lightning connector on a (roughly) 3-foot-long cable. So now you can raise your hand when someone asks for an iPhone charger. Or you can lie and say you don’t have a cable for that but then you would be a dirty liar face and nobody likes that.


The Calamari Uno is the greatest USB to Apple MFi certified charging/data transfer cable ever made by Outdoor Tech. A bold statement but it’s true. We stepped it up this time and as soon as you get one, you will wonder how you ever survived without having a Calamari Uno. Ditch the worn-out cable sitting in the glovebox of your car.


Apple MFi Certified Lightning Connector

If you use a lighting connector that isn’t MFi certified by Apple, you will probably get an error message saying something like, “This Cable is Not Certified and May Not Work Reliably”. Luckily, we don’t have that problem with the Calamari Uno. So go ahead and get one, relax and eliminate error messages from your life.


Say goodbye to your frayed lightning cable and say hello to our fray-resistant cable to connector coupling; say hello to your friends too, just because. With the perfect mix of flexibility and strength, the Calamari Uno will stand up to the terrible punishment you put your other lightning cables through.

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